Automate Workflows Between Your Favorite Apps With Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is an Office 365 App that can automate your current business processes. Templates designed for specific purposes make it simple to use.

To get started:

  1. Select the App Launcher to view a list of all your Apps
  2. Select Flow – if Flow is not visible click on All Apps and scroll through the expanded list

office 365 apps

Navigate through the templates library or scroll down the page to view examples of each.

featured template collections and popular services

multistep flows

I have created a list on a Project Site to capture change control for my project so I will select the start approval template.

approval template

Enter you email address. And click Continue.

start approval when a new item is added

  1. Select the Site Address in the drop down.
  2. Select the List Name.
  3. Assign the approval to someone in your organization.
  4. Add an action if needed.

I just want the approver to review the change request and approve or reject it. No other actions are needed.

approver to review change request

When someone adds an item to this list in my SharePoint site, a workflow will kick off. The person assigned to approve the task receives an email with a link to the list on SharePoint site and the option to Approve or Reject.

approvals powered by microsoft flow

It’s that simple!

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