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Using Project Online and Project for the Web Side by Side

Project for the web and Project Online are separate applications, however, you can use them side by side. In Project Home and Project Roadmap you can see projects from both applications. Power BI pulls data from both sources so you can see the full picture across all projects. When you purchase project plan 3 or 5 you are purchasing both applications and will be slowly transitioned automatically to project for the web as they add additional features.

PPM Improves and Increases Visibility Into Project Performance

Office 365 PPM delivers ROI of 387%​
Reporting efficiencies resulted in a 60% times savings for project managers​
Increased project visibility improved resource utilization and led to an 83% reduction in overtime costs​
Migrating to a cloud-based SaaS PPM solution allowed organizations to save $162,000 annually​
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