Create a Project Site Template With a Custom Group of Non PWA Licensed Users

Problem: I want to add users who are external to Project Online to project sites but I don’t want to have to manually add them to every single site I create.

Solution: Create a project site template that includes a custom group with your users.

  1. Create a new project and project site
  2. Navigate to the Project Site
  3. Using the gear in the upper right, select Site Settings
  4. image
  5. Under Site Settings, click Site Permissions
  6. image
  7. In the ribbon at the top, click Create Group
  8. image
  9. At the top, give your group a name and select appropriate options (I named mine ‘External Users’)
  10. Set the permissions for the group at the bottom and then click Create
  11. image
  12. It opens the group and you can click Add User to add all the members to your group
  13. image
  14. Once you’ve added all the users, click Home from the menu on the left
  15. image
  16. Click on the gear in the upper right and select Site Settings (as shown in step 4 above)
  17. Click Save Site as Template
  18. image
  19. Once the template has been saved simply add it to your Enterprise Project Type and all new projects will have the group attached