Planner Use Cases

We have had some clients requests about Planner Use Cases.  In addition to our Planner webinar, here’s a little more on how we are using Project Online and Planner (and just Planner).  Also make sure you check out some of the new Planner Features – these are really helpful and the product continues to grow as “Microsoft’s Lightweight Task Management solutions” (our words not theirs).  How are you using Planner to simply your life?  Let us know.

1) Requesting cross-functional help (tasks):  Rather than sending out emails – we use planner to create, track, and complete these tasks.

2) Receiving Alerts on Tasks:  Often we are reminded that we have Planner tasks that need to be completed – this has been very helpful in keeping up with all the demands/requests of our teams (and clients).

planner notifications

3) Instant email updates:  We use Planner to receive instant email updates on particular high-priority tasks.

instant email updates from planner


updating task in planner