Microsoft CIE Facilitator Spotlight: Jacques Goupil Awarded for Excellence in CIE

Each month Microsoft highlights a CIE (Customer Immersion Experience) Facilitator to celebrate his or her successes, achievements and CIE insights.  This month the big shout out went to our own Jacques Goupil co-founder of PPM Works! So far this fiscal year, Jacques has conducted 11 CIE sessions, reaching 18 accounts. Jacques received his CIE Facilitator status in early 2014. Jacques attributes much of his success with CIE to:
“The CIE program has provided PPM Works the opportunity to connect with potential customers and Microsoft users on a deeper level.  Participants find true value with the hands-on approach and enjoy the direct access to industry-experts.  They leave as Microsoft champions for their organizations.  Being able to walk participants through the day and the in-person life experience is invaluable”

We are very proud of Jacques and all he has accomplished! 

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PPM Works CIE Program