Change Timescale of SharePoint Timeline View

When tasks are added to a SharePoint list Timeline View a question often asked is how to adjust or zoom the timescale, particularly when lengthy tasks monopolize the space on the timeline.

sharepoint list timeline view

Unfortunately we are not aware of any option or customization to adjust or zoom the timescale of a SharePoint Timeline View.

The rule of thumb is that the timescale is determined based on the earliest start and latest due date of tasks added to the timeline.

Note: After clicking into the timeline, on the Timeline ribbon there is a button to Lock Timeline Width.  This action will set the timeline width to match your browser width.  This action does not adjust the timescale.

sharepoint timeline ribbon



One workaround is to actively maintain the tasks that appear on the timeline.  Only add tasks with a short duration.  Remove tasks that have completed.  Add only tasks that start soon.

Another workaround is to use the Gantt Chart View.  On the List ribbon of the Gantt Chart View, Zoom In/Out buttons provide users the ability to adjust the timescale.

gantt chart view

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