Sorry, We Can’t Create Your Project Right Now

Sorry, We Can't Create Your Project Right Now When providing support for a PPM Works customer, we came across the following error message in the queue: The projects were failing to create and the jobs were blocking the queue. When creating a new project in PWA, the [...]

Further Researching Queue Errors

Further Researching Queue Errors Here’s a tip for further researching queue errors Step 1: On Manage Queue Errors, Click to view the error details Step 2: In the error details, copy the CorrelationUID Step 3: Remote Desktop Connect to the SharePoint Farm Project Application Server Step 4: [...]

Project Online Enterprise Calendar Editing Message

Project Online Enterprise Calendar Editing Message   Folks,  Have you tried editing your Enterprise Calendars recently on Project Online?  If so you may have see this warning message and not been able to get out of it. This appears to be an Office 365 warning message – [...]

Virtual Project Conference

Virtual Project Conference That’s right folks the 1st ever Virtual Project Conference.  Register and enjoy 24hrs of non-stop Microsoft Project. REGISTER HERE and you can watch live (for the rest of 10/22 - 10/23) or catch the recordings. We have recommend a few exciting sessions: 10:00 am: Key [...]

Project Name Already Exists Queue Error

Project Name Already Exists Queue Error If you discover projects are not saving or creating with the Queue Error: ProjectNameAlreadyExists (1034). Details: id='1034' name='ProjectNameAlreadyExists' uid='' projName=''. GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - ProjectUpdate.ProjectUpdateMessage. The issue could be that a project with a blank name has been created. To Resolve: Go [...]