Project Online Delegate Not Working

Project Online Delegate Not Working Have you recently started having troubles with delegates if you are an Admin?  Well you are not alone.  Recently, in Project Online we started noticing new behaviour where we are seeing more projects than the user for whom we are acting as [...]

Deleting Project Online Projects

Deleting Project Online Projects Quick Tip of the Day:  Are you deleting projects from Project Online/Server correctly? If you are looking to truly delete a project from Project Online/Server you should also consider if you need to delete the associated site. To delete both make sure that [...]

Timesheet and Non-Billable Time

Timesheet and Non-Billable Time Have you ever been working on a project and want to show non-billable time?  By now you know that you can easily do this with Microsoft Project Online or Project Server’s PWA using the timesheet. When I click on the Actual Non-Billable row [...]