Project Online Delegate Not Working

Have you recently started having troubles with delegates if you are an Admin?  Well you are not alone.  Recently, in Project Online we started noticing new behaviour where we are seeing more projects than the user for whom we are acting as a delegate. Ideally we should see only projects to which user has access while acting as delegate for her/him.

We verified all the security category permission and everything looked good.

Finally this turned out to be a design change in Project Online, which happened close to end of March 2016.

This will only occur if the user you are logged in as is a global administrator in your Office 365 system – or a Site Collection Administrator (SCA) for the site collection you are working in.  The reason for the change is that in Project Online customers were accidentally locking themselves out of PWA by removing all their PWA administrators – and then the only way to make a user an admin again was to open a support call.

In case, if you liked the ability to see exactly what the user sees then a good option is to create a new account that is a PWA admin and make sure that user is not added in “Site collection Administrator” group and is not “Company Administrator”  then use this account for any delegation work where seeing the exact things the users sees is important.

You can find more information about this design change at Microsoft Official Blog

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