Allow Projects to Use Local Base Calendars

An Admin will need to Allow projects to use local base calendars otherwise users will not be able to create local base calendars and will be forced to use only those Enterprise calendars that are created.

Enterprise Settings options are a part of the Additional Server Settings in the Operational Policies section of Project Server 2013 Server Settings. In Project Server 2013, these setting are available in SharePoint Central Administration. To access and configure this setting, you must be a farm administrator.

Enterprise Settings

Enterprise Settings lets you determine whether Project Server 2013 allows for projects to have the following capabilities:

  • Allow master projects to be saved and published    (By default, this option is enabled.) Enabling this setting enables master projects to be used in Project Server 2013. Master projects are projects that contain sub-projects, and they usually contain tasks that are dependent on one another. Check with your Project Management Office to determine whether your organization prohibits the use of master projects.
  • Allow projects to use local base calendars   Enabling this settings lets users not only use enterprise base calendars that are on the system for their enterprise projects, but to also use local base calendars that users create. Having this setting disabled (which is the default) restricts users to using only enterprise base calendars that are on the system for their projects. Restricting the users to enterprise calendars gives you more control by preventing problems that can occur when projects use local base calendars that contain conflicting data. For example, a project that uses a local base calendar that differs from an enterprise calendar (for example, July 4 as a work day versus a holiday) can lead to faulty calculations and other issues.

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