PPM Works Timesheet Filter Add-In

Welcotimesheet-filterme to the PPM Works Timesheet Filter Add-in. This helpful Project Online add-in enables users to filter the timesheet grid based on the project name. The Add-in creates a webpart, which when added to the Timesheet page creates a text-box and a filter button to filter out the results. Its particularly helpful in managing a long list of timesheet items.


Install Instructions:

  1. Click the Add Timesheet Filter Add-in button to add the PPM Works Timesheet Filter webpart to your Project Online tenant under the Add-in Script Part web part category.

Add Timesheet Filter Add-in

Adding the PPM Works Timesheet Filter web part to your Timesheet page:

  1. Go to the your Timesheet Page and Select the Add Web Part
  2. Select the Timesheet Filter web part from the Web Part Gallery
  3. Click the Add button to add the script to the web page.
  4. Click Stop Editing.