New Features in Microsoft Project: Agile and Planner

We are excited about the new ways Microsoft is allowing teams to collaborate and support different work styles. With the ability to choose your methodology from agile to a hybrid approach, project has never been more powerful. The Project and Planner integration lets you track detailed work and gives a more streamlines team approach. The new features are available through Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium Subscriptions.

Use Agile in Your Projects

You can use Agile methods in Project to:

  • Track projects in project online desktop client
  • Apply agile views to existing waterfall projects
  • Create new agile projects
  • Track projects using Scrum and Kanban methodologies including:
    • viewing task boards
    • creating backlogs
    • tracking sprints
    • viewing reports on agile statistics

Efficiently Manage Project Tasks in Planner

You can now integrate Project Online Desktop Client and Planner giving you the ability to track projects at a granular level in a lightweight tool. Effortlessly accomplish being able to see detailed work being done against a task and maintain control over projects work breakdown structure. This streamlined approach allows team to better manage tasks by reducing the complexity of project plans in Project.

Image of the Planner dashboard set to the Charts view, with an Excel pop-up window displayed showing detailed task data.

Excited to get started? Here are some helpful links to help you get going: