Microsoft Project Announcements: Agile / Report Packs

What an exciting week for Microsoft as Ignite surely did not disappoint.  The 1st major Microsoft Project Announcement in over 18 months and it couldn’t have come at better time.  With many clients teams needing a platform that can truly capture and effectively allows waterfall, agile, and hybrid projects run how they do best yet allowing the right level of project management resulting in the needed executive dashboards and visibility.  Wow that was a lot to take in, so what is actually coming and when?

  1. Project Professional and Agile: Agile for Project, Kanban boards, drag and drop all through Project Professional (Click2Run)
  2. PowerBI Report Pack: Yes, let us have it.  We have all been creating dashboards, so it is great to have another one to add.
  3. Planner and Project: Out of the box integration.  We will see if this does everything or if clients will still need PPM IntraWorks for more detailed integration
  4. Teams replacing Skype:  If you haven’t heard or need a easy reason to get excited – check this out.  And Teams has a Planner link.  You may just say what a recent attendee wrote to us after attending our webcast on September 28th, 2017.  “Now I love Teams and PPM Works for showing me just how to figure out what to use when.  Check out a Teams Demo

For more information or the webcast recording, send an email to  Look for are upcoming webcasts and events.

More to come along with screen shots and all.