Create and Manage Up To 30,000 Projects in Project Online

30,000 projects

Great news for Project Online users, you can now create and manage up to 30,000 projects in the cloud. In the past Project Online only allowed for 5,000 projects, so this is a huge increase. Microsoft continues to innovate and add functionality – so you can create more projects and get more done every day!

Microsoft also announced several updates that improve performance and help you get the project information you need faster. Users now have:

“the ability to create more project sites—also called subsites or collaboration sites. Before, there was a limit of 2,000 project sites. If you wanted more, you had to split them into multiple Project Web App (PWA) sites, impacting team productivity. Now, there’s a one-to-one relationship between projects and project sites.”

Going forward, you also have the option to disable rollup groups and Gantt charts, bringing you the project data you need faster—especially as you create more and more projects.

Here is the link to the Microsoft blog to see all the details and even a few more enhancements available with these Project Online innovations.

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