Using OneNote for Efficient Meetings

Here at PPM Works we have meetings everyday. We need to be efficient, so taking notes in a notebook really is not efficient. Using OneNote will make all of your meetings more efficient. These screenshots will show you how to use OneNote to increase the efficiency and productivity of all your meetings.


Open up the calendar meeting. Select the Meeting Occurrence tab, and click on the Meeting Notes.

meeting occurrence tab for meeting notes


In the pop-up window select if you want to share or take your own notes. If we have an external meeting, then you will select the Take notes on your own.

meeting notes options


Select the location of where the notes will be stored and click OK.

select location in OneNote for meeting notes


A new page will be created, and you are ready to start taking notes

new OneNote page created for meeting notes

Please note:

If this is your first time, your default may be different for OneNote. Please make sure you are using the Office Version (2013 or 2016 will be at the end)

OneNote 2016