Steps to Remove a Project From a Master Project/Program

I was using a program to update project-level custom fields for multiple projects at once. I have outlined the steps to perform this short cut in next week’s blog post! I decided to publish the program to update the fields for all the projects so I would not have to open them individually and publish each one. After the publish completed, I went ahead and removed each subproject from the program and republished the program. I then navigated to Server Settings

Delete Enterprise Objects to delete the program I had created.

Note: Only Admins have permission to delete enterprise objects.

I noticed that the project type for each of the subprojects I had inserted was displaying as subproject even though I had removed each one. Publishing each project did not resolve the issue.

The complete steps to remove a subproject from a master project/program:

  1. Open the Master file
  2. Highlight the row of the subproject you wish to remove
  3. Right click and select Information
  4. Navigate to the Advanced tab and deselect the Link to project check box
  5. Republish the Master

inserted project information


Hope this helps. Please contact us with questions and feedback.