Sorry, We Can’t Create Your Project Right Now

When providing support for a PPM Works customer, we came across the following error message in the queue:


The projects were failing to create and the jobs were blocking the queue.

When creating a new project in PWA, the following error message appeared:

create a new project

We were able to narrow down the problem to one specific template associated with an Enterprise Project Type. The error message in the queue pointed to generic resources having Assignment Owners and/or Timesheet Managers. When looking at the generic resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool, they had neither.

Upon inserting the Assignment Owner field in to the Task Usage view in Project Pro, there was an Assignment Owner listed for all tasks assigned to the generics in the template.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Remove all generic resources from the template
  2. Add the generics back to the template
  3. Assign them to the tasks in the template
  4. Save the new template

Hope this helps! Please contact us with questions.