Project Server 2016 IT Preview

Microsoft Recently released Project Server 2016 IT preview for public. You can download it from

In this blog, I am going to cover overview of new and significantly updated functionality in Project Server 2016 Preview.

Single Installation Media: In earlier versions we need to install SharePoint and Project Server separately. However in 2016 version, the SharePoint installation MSI will also contain the Project Server Installation MSI. Now customers do not have go through separate installation for SharePoint and Project Server. As Project Server 2016 Preview and SharePoint Server 2016 Preview are installed through a single installation, the base language is automatically matched for both. For example, when you install SharePoint Server 2016 Preview (English – US), the base installation language for both Project Server 2016 Preview and SharePoint Server 2016 Preview will be English – US.

No Downtime for Patch Installation: Currently in Project Server 2013, we have to take downtime to install the cumulative updates. In Project Server and SharePoint 2016 all updates will be installed in online mode. So no downtime needed during patch installation.

Server Role Based Installation: During the Installation, you will get option to select the Server Role for the server. You will be presented with below options.

1) Multiple Server Farm

1) Front End

2) Application Server

3) Search

4) Distributed Cache

5) Specialized Load

2) Single Server Farm

1) Single Server Farm

Specific services will get installed on the server depending on your selection.

Resource Engagements: The new Resource Engagements capabilities in Project Server 2016 Preview helps project managers and resource managers to align with each other on the specific amount of work and time periods for specific resources associated with a project. Resource Engagements are an evolution of the old Resource Plan feature in Project Web App and all of your existing Resource Plan data will be converted to engagements upon upgrade. You can find more information on this new future on our blogs below

Part 1- New Resource Engagement and Capability Planning feature

Part 2- Resource Engagement and Capability Planning

A single database for multiple instances :

In Project Server 2013, a separate Project database is created for each Project Web App instance. In Project Server 2016 Preview, a single database (the SharePoint content database) will be used for all instances of PWA. Even though all data is saved to the single database, data from each individual instance is still isolated from other instances.

Having your Project data contained within a single database makes for easier database operations, such as backup and restore, migration, etc..

Let us know if you have any additional questions