Power BI Get Data Tip

Reporting tables can contain hundreds of fields. When pulling a table in to a Power BI Report, users have the option of selecting just those fields they need instead of loading every field. This reduces the numbers fields displayed under each table you bring in to the report and the time it takes to load and refresh the report.

After selecting the table, do not select the yellow highlighted button for Load. Instead select Edit.



  1. Highlight the headers of the fields you wish to include.
  2. Right click over the header of the last field selected.
  3. Click Remove Other Columns.
  4. Click on Close & Apply.

remove other columns

Instead of pulling in every table, only those selected are applied. Now I do not have to scroll through a 100 hundred fields to find what I am looking for.




Hope this helps. Please contact us with questions or to see a sample of the PPM Works Report Packs.