Office 365 License Renewal

Have you been experiencing some messages regarding “Your subscription has expired”.  If so you will need to reach out to your Office 365 Admin however before you do that – TRY SIGNING IN with your active account.

You may be seeing these messages, as Office 365 works on a subscription basis and sometimes your Admin will need to re-subscribe or change subscriptions based on a cloud subscription change.

1) Try signing in with your corporate user id and pwd.  For example, I am signing in with my account.


2) This will mostly resolve the issue and you will be good.  Now you may need to do this with other MSFT applications.  For example, I received a message this morning from Lync, and then Microsoft Project.  Both were easily resolved by entering in my user id/pwd


If you receive the following error then you will need to get a product key from your Admin and enter it


Otherwise you will see the Subscription Expired warning.


Then you can Manage Account to keep using Microsoft Project


Let us know if you have any questions – Leave a comment or Contact Us with any questions.

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