Export Power BI Reports to PowerPoint


PPM Works wanted to share a hidden gem in Power BI Pro. You can export your report in to PowerPoint. No more cropping screenshots of your reports in to presentations. Now you can get the entire Power BI report in a PowerPoint slide.

When exporting to PowerPoint:

  • Each report page is a PowerPoint slide
  • Textboxes are included as editable fields in PowerPoint
  • Links to the live report in Power BI are included

To export the report:

  • Click on File

Export to PowerPoint (Preview)

export to powerpoint preview


A status pop up will appear letting you know it may take a few minutes.


export to powerpoint in progress


Once completed you will be notified when the report is ready to download.

powerpoint file ready to download


I clicked Open to open the report in PowerPoint.

open file

PowerPoint opens with a new title page and my report is copied on to a new slide.

powerpoint tile page


Hope this helps! Please contact us with questions.