Creating External Dependencies

Programs are often used to link tasks in one project to tasks in other projects. A Project can only be part of one Program. Tasks in one project can be linked to external tasks without creating a program.

To link tasks in one project to other projects without creating a Program:

  1. Open the first project
  2. Using the Subproject command on the Project ribbon, insert the other project(s)
  3. Expand the project to view all the tasks
  4. Create the dependencies
  5. Close the program without saving
  6. Save the changes to the subprojects

open project web app


Note: The external references to the links.

external references to the links

discard changes


microsoft project save changes

Note: How the same tasks can also be linked to tasks in other projects.

gantt chart view


Please check out our previous blog on how this process can be used to update project-level fields for multiple projects.

Hope this helps! Please contact us with questions.