Creating a New Calendar and Assigning it to a Task

To create a new base calendar to be used in your project, you will need to be an Administrator in PPM or ask your Administrator to create a new calendar.

For this example we will create a 7 day work week calendar, you will want to follow the below steps:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to PWA
  • Click Server Settings
  • Under Enterprise Data click Enterprise Calendars

enterprise data

  • If you do not want to keep any holidays, then you can create a New Calendar
  • If you do want to keep all of the same information, but change the days and times, then select Copy

copy new calendar

  • Enter the Name your calendar and click OK

copy calendar

  • Once created click in the area of the new calendar and click Edit
  • Microsoft Project Professional will open and your calendar will be loaded
  • Click the Work Weeks Tab and click Details button
  • Select the days to apply as working times
  • Click the Set day(s) to these specific working a times radio button
  • Enter in the times that apply
  • Click OK

work weeks tab details

  • Once complete, you will have the ability to select the new calendar for your project.



Assigning a Calendar to a Task

After the base calendar is created, you need to assign that calendar to task(s).

  • Select the task to apply the new calendar
  • Right-click the task, and then click to select Information, click the Advanced tab
  • Select the new calendar from the Calendar list.

If you have questions or would like additional information on how to deploy or configure, please contact us.