Choose Your Project Online Timephased Data Rollup Setting

Starting in September, Project Online will have a new setting that allows you to choose your level of Timephased Data Rollup.

Why the Change?

Recording timephased data slows down publishing. Organizations that are not reporting timephased data can speed up publishing. For organizations that are reporting timephased data, you can potentially speed up reports by matching the rollup of timephased data to your level of reporting.

Where is the Setting Made?

1) From Project Online, select Server Settings.

2) On the Server Settings page, in the Enterprise Data section, select Reporting (this link will appear by the end of October).

3) On the Reporting page, in the Timephased Data section, select the option that best fits your organization:

Timephased Data

Remember to Republish Projects

You must republish all existing projects for this setting to take effect.  If you have many projects to republish, you can use the Office 365 Project Online CSOM Tool(ProjToolV2) to programmatically publish all your Project Online projects. You should plan to do this at a time that will be least likely to impact your organization.

What Setting Do We Recommend

PPM Works and most organizations we work with are using timesheets with single entry mode. Because actual work is entered daily, logically you should preserve the ability to report daily with the Daily setting.

If your organization is not using timesheets and projects are not planned and tracked by work, then you should choose the Never setting.  This will speed up project publishing.

In summary, we recommend setting to one of two extremes.  Daily for organizations using timesheets or Never for organizations not planning and tracking project work.