Budget Cost Resources

Budget Cost Resources can be used to track cost resources at the project level against the Baseline Budget Cost. If your organization would like to track budget costs against the original baseline, consider using budget cost resources instead of custom project-level cost fields.

Administrators must create the budget resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool.

enterprise resource pool

Project Managers can then add the resource to the project team via Build Team from Enterprise.

Budget resources can only be assigned to Summary Row Zero. They are not assigned at the task level.

Note in the screenshot below the error message received when trying to assign a budget resource to a task in the project. I was however, able to assign the budget resources to row zero.

resourece name

Once they have been assigned, the project Manager can enter the costs for the resource.

To enter cost information for budget cost resources:

  1. Navigate to the Task Usage view.
  2. Insert both the Budget Cost and Baseline Budget Cost field in the view.
  3. Enter the costs in the Budget Cost field for each budget cost resource.
  4. Baseline the Project.

budget cost and baseline budget

Enter additional costs in the Budget Cost field as needed. Editing costs for budget cost resources can only be completed at the assignment level in usage views.

budget cost

Both Budget Cost fields and Baseline Budget fields are available in the reporting tables.

Hope this helps. Please contact us with questions.