Agile Projects and Microsoft Project

 agile project management

Agile Project Management has become more useful when it comes to managing projects. Several organizations are going to Agile Project Management instead of using the traditional waterfall approach.

When it comes to Microsoft Project, you can manage a Project as an Agile Project. There are also add-ons that can be purchased as well. It all depends on how your organization does there Agile projects. In my years of experience, I have seen companies use SCRUM exactly the way it is supposed to be used, others only do bits and pieces of it, some use Kanban, etc.

Before using Microsoft project to manage an Agile Project such as SCRUM, you will need to understand the basic principles, why they are used and what is the purpose. Some of those principles are: Product Owner, SCRUM Master, Product Backlog, Iterations (Sprints), Reports(ex. Velocity and Burn down) Daily SCRUM meeting, Vision, and Release and Iteration Planning.

For starts Microsoft Project does have and an out of box template for Agile Projects, it is generic.

agile project

Below is one example of how to manage an Agile project in Microsoft Project.

Manage Agile in Project

With the ability to track burn down and velocity.

Burndown Report

To add on to what Microsoft provides out of box, there is the ability to expand. For example you can create Enterprise Custom fields and integrate with TFS for your developers.

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