How do Project Permissions Impact Resource Engagements When Using RBS?

PPM Works has implemented configuration to hide confidential projects from users via RBS. For the complete list of steps to configure confidential projects please refer to our previous blog post. This post will focus on how Project Permissions and the Build Team function impact creating Resource Engagements.

The steps we followed:

  1. Edited the RBS lookup table to contain two values – Public and Confidential,

Project Is Missing From Change or Restart Workflows Page

PPM Works was onsite this week delivering training and providing support to one of our customers. The Admin was trying to change the Enterprise Project Type for a project she had just uploaded to the new environment using Project Pro.

She could see the project in the Project Center Views and in Project Pro but when she went to Server Settings | Change or Restart

Project Center Views Not Grouping Alphabetically

I was recently grouping a Project Center view for a customer. I noted that the grouping was not alphabetized.

Formatting Columns into Rows in Power BI

At PPM Works, our team is always creating new Power BI reports for customers and for our internal

Add a Custom Project Tile to Your Office 365 App Launcher

For licensed users the default Project Tile in the Office 365 App Launch will go to the default

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